Make Money This Month: Services to Offer From Your Blog

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Blogging and gaining an audience takes some time—we know this.

But sometimes we don’t have much time.

Sometimes we have to pay bills liiiiiike now. By now, I mean yesterday.

I’ve been blogging for many moons at this point. Seriously, my blogging persona is a cat with 9 lives.

I started my first blog while living in an empty studio apartment right after graduating college.

Then I ditched that blog and started a blog about cheap fashion and how to do happy hour on a budget. That blog actually got some traction (what can I say, people love happy hour).

Then I rebranded that idea to be my current personal finance/lifestyle blog and the rest is history.

This journey has taken almost 8 years.

Don’t worry. It probably won’t take you anywhere near this long.

I was a ship without a sail for most of these years. (Plus I wasn’t taking it seriously the whole time. I was too busy at happy hour, of course.)

I’ve gone through it all and learned quite a bit so I can be your compass to guide you through some of the BS.

Back to the point…

How to Make Money This Month from Your Blog

Let’s say you’ve been blogging for a hot second, but income is trickling in pretty slowly. Things are just. not. working.

You’re making a bit of income from ads, a bit of income from affiliates, and a bit of income from sponsored posts.

But instead of a few bucks here or there, you need more money to pay a bill, go on vacation, or to buy those new shoes you’ve been eyeing.

Pssst. Come in really close. I’m going to tell you a secret.

Sell a service.

These three amazing words can take you from struggl-ugling to thriving.

The Power is in the Service

I get it.

Selling a service isn’t as sexy as selling a digital product like an ebook or course. No one wants to trade time for money. No one wants to be selling services for the rest of their lives.

Trust me, I hear you.

But the truth is, many online business owners and bloggers that you see selling digital products passively online successfully are doing it because they first learned a bunch of information while selling a service.

When you’re selling a service, you’re also networking and you’re finding out what people need.

This makes it possible to actually package something into a digital or physical product because you know what people want.

While selling a service, you’re getting paid and you’re also doing market research. Double whammy.

What can you sell?

Okay, friends.

We’ve arrived at the fun part. Let’s talk about ways that you can make money selling a service from your blog.

This isn’t an exhaustive list but some ideas just to get you started:


I’ve worked as a freelance writer for about 5 years. I’m a regular contributor for sites like MagnifyMoney and LendingTree.

I’ve helped create and conceptualize financial literacy content for Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche’s Challenges and books. I’ve been published on Upwork, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, and more.

Here’s the true tea: I started a blog about budgeting, saving, and managing money. The blog wasn’t growing as quickly as I wanted to make the money that I wanted.

People were looking for writers and paying writers. So I started getting hired to write and that turned into a full-time income.

You can contribute articles about whatever you write about be it fashion, travel, beauty, politics—whatever.

Companies and publications need content to bring eyeballs to their site and you can use your blog as a writing sample when you pitch.

Get paid to write for other people while you grow your blog.

Graphic Design

My friend Candice of Young Yet Wise blogs and vlogs about personal finance, but she’s also GREAT at design.

She turned her design chops into a freelance service. She does Pinterest graphics, Instagram graphics, ebook designs, printable designs, and more.

If you have a knack for design, you can offer this as a service.

Do people ask you who designs your pins? Do they ask you who designs your printables? Do they ask you who designs your books?

Sell it.

Web Design/Development   

A graphic designer is different than a web designer or web developer. A graphic designer is good at the design elements like posters, invitations, Facebook covers, Instagram graphics, Pinterest images, etc.

Designing an actual website may not be their wheelhouse. Designing a website can take knowledge of HTML and CSS.

These are all skills that you may have gained while creating your website. Do you know people who ask you to do their website?

Charge for it.

Virtual Assisting

Entrepreneurs are looking for people who can do administrative tasks. You know your way around the website platform you use.

Could you offer blog management or other services to entrepreneurs and small businesses?

You can even do tasks like managing emails, making reservations, managing schedules, and more.

Social Media Management

Social media management can be a gold mine. I’m really impressed with what Kristin of Believe in a Budget has done.

She parlayed being a Pinterest focused virtual assistant into courses and a product line.

What platform are you decent at?

Sell management of that platform as a service. After getting enough clients, you could branch off into making a relevant product that brings in passive income.

Copy Editing or Proofreading 

If writing isn’t your thing but you have experience in editing or proofreading, you can try selling this as a service.

Companies and people write content constantly.

Maybe they need help cleaning up some of the content before it’s read by the masses. Make yourself the “go to” person to help them do the content cleaning.

Be Unconventional

There are no rules; there’s no concrete path in any of this.

There are plenty of services you could offer that don’t make this list related to your blog or business.

Perhaps you’re a hair guru and you can sell hairstyling. Or a fashion guru and you can sell fashion styling.

Keep an open mind.

If you need to make money quickly, do what people are asking you. What do people want to know? What do people ask you more about? What do you do better than anyone else?

You may not be able to offer it as a product that makes passive income right off the bat.

But there’s a good chance you can offer it as a service faster.

So think about it.

And then sell. And then repeat.

That’s how you can make some real money sooner than later.


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