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Hi. I'm Taylor. 👋🏾

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I’m a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), professional personal finance writer, and author of an Amazon best-selling new release, The 60-Minute Money Plan. I became interested in personal finance in 2013 when I finally got less serious about happy hour 🍸 and more serious about repaying my student loans💸.


Taylor Medine (formerly Gordon) is a professional writer and Certified Financial Education Instructor with six years of experience writing about personal finance. She specializes in writing stories, reviews and financial literacy content for online publications, financial institutions, FinTech companies, and entrepreneurs in the personal finance space. 

You can find her work on LendingTree, CompareCards, The Huffington Post, MadameNoire, Entrepreneur, Upwork, MagnifyMoney, and more. In addition to her bylines, Taylor has conceptualized and produced financial literacy curriculum for courses, challenges, and books. Check out clips here.


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