How to Pop on Pinterest

Picture this.

You wake up in the morning.

You go about your typical day routine—Get up, make yourself look presentable, check email, and then check your website stats.

And you sigh. Again.

Because it's just like every other day. There’s maybe a few hundred people coming to your site each week.

The worst part is that you write GOOD content and you sell a GOOD product, but no one’s seeing it.

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What if this daily routine was different?

Instead of waking up to crickets, you notice something special is happening.

People are coming! They’re seeing your posts, they’re signing up for your email list, and they’re wanting to get to know you.

That’s what happened to me.

Actually, I remember the exact moment when my first post went viral.

I had to do a double take. I couldn’t believe thousands of people were coming to my site. I hyperventilated. I could hardly breath.

It felt like finally all the work I had been putting into creating blog post after blog post had paid off. And it had been done without investing in ads.

My TayTalksMoney blog Pinterest stats in early March

My TayTalksMoney blog Pinterest stats in early March

Why Pinterest is the great equalizer for content

To be successful these days, you’re told you need to be everywhere. You need to be doing live video. You need to be doing Instagram stories. You need to be posting to Facebook three times per day.

But what about the introverts?

Where does that put us?

Does wanting to be a little more private mean we have nothing to offer the world?

The good news is: Pinterest is the great equalizer. It’s a platform where content is Queen. A lower follower count isn’t a deal breaker. You don’t have to have a huge platform or larger than life personality.

It levels the playing field for all of us.

You simply need to create content that’s worth pinning and worth clicking on.

If you can master the art of creating good visuals that entice people to click and good content to back it up, you can master the platform.

How to Pop on Pinterest

Poppin’ on Pinterest means to expand your reach, increase your impressions, and get more people to travel to your site.

Doing all of the above boils down to two things:

  • Creating fabulous Pinterest pins

  • Getting those great Pinterest pins in front of as many people as possible

That’s it.

Simple in theory, but not too easy in practice, especially if you’re just starting out. But with consistency, you too can experience the glorious moment of hyperventilating because your content is getting the love it deserves.

It may even happen sooner than you think.

Check out these results:


I share everything that I worked on with Sandy plus more in the 5-part Pop on Pinterest video training series.

In the series we discuss:

  • How to set up your account for success

  • The anatomy of a viral pin

  • How to expand your reach with Pinterest group boards

  • Strategies for posting and scheduling your pins with Tailwind (the AWESOME scheduling site I use)

  • Commonly asked questions

*Plus I give you an outline printable of every step we take along the way with additional Pinterest posting FAQs.

Oh btw, who am I?


Meet the instructor

Pop on Pinterest is taught by me — Taylor Medine — founder of the blog TayTalksMoney. I’ve been in the blogging game for five years. Many of those years I spent toiling away behind the laptop trying to figure out why no one was visiting. Then I found the magic of Pinterest and never looked back.

Who is Pop on Pinterest best for?

  • Business owners and bloggers who use Pinterest who have a decent understanding of Pinterest but want to get serious about using the platform

  • Business owners and bloggers who use WordPress; this is the platform that I use and do tutorials with throughout the video

  • People who are willing to invest in Tailwind, a Pinterest scheduling system that costs about $9.99

Sound like you?

Join in on the fun! The Pop on Pinterest 5-part video training series is on sale for a limited time!